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Vaguely anthropomorphic, right-handed with left-handed ambitions, Utopia*engine was immediately discarded at birth. Saved by his insistent karma and admitted to the group stage, he starts drawing at an early age but is stopped and fined for speeding. So he begins smoking without conviction, quitting once every hour, and takes a pause for reflection that lasts more than twenty years. When he emerges, he decides to re-enter convinced he had forgotten something. Then he falls into the world of fashion design almost by mistake and is accidentally left there, where he continues to pretend he understands something. Meanwhile, Utopia*engine organizes art exhibitions in pleasant places, produces album covers, videos, graphics for t-shirts and posters, logos and comics, designs a fantastic e-zine and board games. He plans to open a school for ninjas.


Utopia*engine believes the unbelievable. Utopia*engine looks under desks, tables, beds, rocks and forgotten things to steal every feeling he likes. Utopia*engine needs to define the relationship between humankind and images.

Who's who?

Utopia*engine is Francesco Ficurilli, half-man, half-graphic designer. He lives in Chieti, Nowhere Land, until his karma wills.

Utopia's Favourites

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